About Our Firm

When attorneys Antoinette Granholm and Adam Gynac decided to found a new law firm, they were resolved their new law practice would be rooted in several important personal ideals. Integrity. Hard work. Treating clients with dignity and respect. Representing clients zealously, but also ethically and cost-effectively.

Between the two of them, Ms. Granholm and Mr. Gynac have over thirty (30) years of combined legal experience in family law and domestic relations litigation. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ms. Granholm was a social worker who helped many families and individuals through personal hardship. Before he became an attorney, Mr. Gynac worked for years in the business world, both in sales and banking.

Both firm lawyers have been actively involved in their communities throughout their careers, participating in various law-related organizations, civic groups and charities. Those experiences have helped to shape both lawyers into who they are today and have been foundational in helping them decide what values they wanted their new firm to embody.

The Granholm & Gynac team stands ready to provide competent, professional counsel for you in all of our practice areas. We also hope to build long-term client relationships with our clients, so that they never hesitate to come back to us in the future and feel confident referring us to family and friends.

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