Family Law Attorney

Family law can encompass a broad range of matters, from prenuptial agreements to adoption to divorce, making it important for you to choose an attorney with experience in all areas of domestic relations practice. At Granholm & Gynac, our family law attorneys have the knowledge and skills needed to provide comprehensive representation that you can trust. By contacting us today, we can get started on protecting your best interests.

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If you’re seeking to expand your family through adoption, we’ll help you navigate the system. There are many avenues available to you, all of which require strict adherence with various laws. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from the initial petition to providing legal assistance if complications arise.

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Child Custody

Whether a child was born in or out of a marriage, child custody can become a very complicated matter. If you are facing a legal situation that involves visitation time, relocation, joint or sole custody, or other child custody disputes, contact Granholm & Gynac, and we will stand up for your parental rights.

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Child Support

Another frequently contentious matter, child support is a responsibility that ensures your child is cared for properly. We’ve represented all sides in cases involving the establishment of a fair yet adequate child support amount, as well as payment enforcement and modifications when circumstances change.

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Divorce Attorney

As if making the deciding to end a marriage isn’t overwhelming enough, going through the legal system to separate your lives and successfully go through the divorce process, assets and debt distribution can be incredibly stressful. Substantial assets can make things complex and if you have children, you’ll need a parenting plan. We can help, start to finish.

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Minor Child Guardianships

If the parents of a child are unable or unwilling to care for that child, establishing a guardianship may be required. Having one of our attorneys by your side for paperwork and court proceedings ensures better outcomes. We can also assist in petitioning to end an existing guardianship when no longer needed.

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Disabled Adult Guardianships

When an adult becomes unable to manage their own affairs, such as due to Alzheimer’s disease or other illness, or when someone is a cognitively challenged adult, another type of guardianship may be needed. If your circumstances require such action, it’s always advisable to have an attorney ready to assist you.

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Orders of Protection

Whether you are the victim or accused, orders of protection are very serious matters. Abuse of any kind, physical or emotional, is not tolerated by the court. If you need help protecting yourself or your children, we’re here to help. And if you feel you’ve been wrongly accused, we can assist with next steps.

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Parentage & Paternity

If the parents of a child are not married, paternity must be determined first before establishing child support or a custody agreement. We will guide you through the process, including establishing or defending parentage, as well as securing father’s rights for men who want to be an active part of their son or daughter’s lives.

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Post-Divorce Modifications

Life rarely stays the same after a divorce. Many terms of a divorce judgment, such as the amount of spousal maintenance or child support being paid, may be able to be modified after the fact, upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances. Our attorneys will help you achieve your goals.

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Pre & Postnuptial Agreements

Having our attorneys at Granholm & Gynac assist you with a pre-marital agreement may save you heartache and litigation down the road. Second marriages, marriages between seniors, and marriages between people of wealth are all circumstances where a pre-nuptial agreement may be warranted.